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Twinny's routes

11 март 2011

Rheinau-Freistett, GERMANY

Twinny was invited in Germany at Christmas and the children used this time very well. They took photos of Twinny next to a hand made small crib, which symbolizes the birth of Jesus and next to a hand made Christmas wreath. They were also shopping together for the holidays and they sang “Silent night” which is traditional German song. In that way children showed how Christmas is celebrated in Germany.
Silvia, 7.а class

Veliki Bukovec, CROATIA

I really like the enthusiasm of Harvatian children. With Twinny they have played traditional Harvatian winter games and they have made Christmas tree toys, present boxes and other interesting stuff. There are a lot of pictures with the doll and even a video with their experience with it is made.
Polina, 7.а class


It really impressed me that the children in the Czech Republic occured to take pictures with Twinnie in front of the awards they've won. Another thing that impressed me is that the children took photos while they were cooking, because we can see they have that kind of abilities. With the pictures from the concert they show their regard to histrionics. In my opinion these children did great.
Petko, 7.а class

La Réunion (a French island in the Indian Ocean)

I really like the way the children and people from Reunion Island have taken a walk with the little Twinnie around their amazing nature. Twinni was on visit there during Christmas and New Year and the children have shown it how they celebrate these happy feasts.
Staphanie, 7.б class



The children from Finland pretty good used snow as entertainment,and also for the project. It is good that they gave an idea how their school looks like inside and outside.
I like that they have a walk with Twinny in the school and it is good that you can see how the Finland’s classrooms looks.
Kalina, 7.а class


One of the schools visited by Twinny is called “Fran Albrecht” and it’s named after the famous Slovenian poet. The Slovenian school is very well presented I liked how they show the classrooms and also the P.T Salon. It seems that Twinny had a lot of fun, because he met many new friends. :)
Мihaela, 7.б class


Saint-Germain-en-Laye, FRANCE

I liked the school because there is a beautiful nature and the building is very well built (very good place). Sure there are very good, qualified teachers and interesting subjects. I’m very impressed that strangers are not allowed to come in the school.
Samuil, 7.б class

Samsun, TURKEY

I like how the Turkish have presented their country. It’s good that they showed their library , this shows that they are eager to learn. I also like that they care for sport . They play chess, tennis and billiards at school. Their video presents a traditional Turkish dance called Kolbasti. And they have showed the historical sights of the town very good, too.
Тania, 7.б class


Cintruénigo, SPAIN

It's great, that the people from Spain have presented the regions of the country and the location of their school. Also,
it was interesting to see how they've shown Spain in the four seasons. I liked that they wrote some of the most common greetings in two languages - Spanish and English. They've also presented a traditional cooking recipe, their most famous book - "Don Quixote", their own sayings and famous Spanish lyrics, translated into English. In my opinion this country did a really good job!
Anastasia, 7.а class

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