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Students admittance

01 май 2010

In ‘St. Kliment Ohridski’ Secondary school there are students from first to twelfth grades. The classes in the high school course are:

Informatics with intensive study of English

It is traditionally the best class in each year’s batch of graduates. The students who have studied in this class work in various fields of knowledge. Here they come in a motivating atmosphere for ambitious students. They also receive excellent education in mathematics, information and computer technology, attain proficiency in programming languages, applications and the Internet. Teaching in mathematics and informatics is done by experienced and well-qualified teachers. English is the main subject in this class which guarantees its students a high level of its knowledge.

Information and Computer Technology Class

The class offers its students to work hard in co-operation with highly-qualified teachers and gives them opportunity of personal development in the field of computing.

Business Management Class

The students in this class gain in-depth knowledge and practical skills due to team work, doing and presenting a wide variety of projects. The class teaches a great number of special subjects in Business Management field. The students get English diplomas from Willesden College – London, which are valid in Europe.

Pharmacy Class

This class is the only offered in Secondary schools in Bulgaria. The students are provided with the opportunity of gaining practical experience while working in laboratories. It is owing to cooperation of experts from the pharmaceutical factories Actavis and Sopharma and gives the students a good start in their future careers.

Учебни ресурси в електронен вид

Националният образователен портал предоставя достъп до учебни ресурси в електронен вид. Той е част от така нареченото Е-обучение.
ТУК можете да намерите всички курсове, които предлага този БЕЗПЛАТЕН портал (по всички предмети).

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