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13 април 2010

“With care for every child”
The project is a part of the national programme of the Ministry of Education – “With care for every child”. Only teachers whose students took part in national competitions the previous year have the right of financial support

Kliments’ days 2008
The project is a part of the national programme of the Ministry of Education – “School – students” territory, worth 2000 BGN and took place in 2008. This project involved organising regional competitions in Maths, IT, communication in Bulgarian as well as an English contest and basketball matches.
See Kliment’s days website: http://klimentovidni.blogspot.com

Bulgarian libraries – modern centres for reading and fiding information
In 2008 the school library candidated on “Bulgarian libraries – modern centers for reading and finding information” programme and the school received 13500 BGN from the Ministry of Education, which were spent on purchasing students’ book and literature.

Education in sexual and reproductive healthcare
In 2007/08 school year our school joined and started working on a project financed by UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund) Within two modules four teachers were qualified to work on the project. The participants in Education in sexual and reproductive healthcare classes improve their sexual knowledge. They also develop team work skills gaining experience in leading discussions on different topics.
On this programme, a special classroom has been equipped with a computer, a TV set, a DVD player and a digital camera.

Classroom equipment for the purposes of European Education
The project “School - students’ favourite place”, worth 7200 BGN is a part of a national programme of the Ministry of Education. It took place in 2007/08 presenting European institutions, values and culture to 112 students. Twelve teachers were in charge if the project.

Gym reconstruction and equipment
The module – “Sports at School”, worth 66000 BGN, took place in 2007 as a part of the project “School - students’ favourite place”. The reconstruction included floorboards, ventilation, windows and electrical switchboard; gym equipment repair or purchase.

Ecosam project started in 2006, including both students and teachers from the Chemistry and Pharmacy class. The current five stages include the following activities: monitoring the river Osam, doing lab experiments, showing the results in charts and diagrams annually; ecoworkshop; eco lessons in schools and kindergartens; establishing on electronic atlas which will give information aboit water and environment condition in our region.
The website of the project is http://www.wkosym-troian.blogspot.com/

Drama and Music Group
The project, which started in 2005 and worth 2000 BGN, includes the following activities: staging students’ plays, watching and discussinf professional actors’ plays.

The project, worth 3000 BGN, includes school newspaper publishing, photography class and organising photo exhibitions.

Учебни ресурси в електронен вид

Националният образователен портал предоставя достъп до учебни ресурси в електронен вид. Той е част от така нареченото Е-обучение.
ТУК можете да намерите всички курсове, които предлага този БЕЗПЛАТЕН портал (по всички предмети).

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