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On stage

13 април 2010

Each year our school organises performances with which we say “No” to boredom.
Every year new students come at school and graduates leave it but there always are actors, singers, dancers and music players among teachers and students. That is the reason why the town theatre is always full with audience eager to see the concerts organised by our school, no matter what the reason for celebration is.

Here are some photos of the concert “Let’s have fun together”

Учебни ресурси в електронен вид

Националният образователен портал предоставя достъп до учебни ресурси в електронен вид. Той е част от така нареченото Е-обучение.
ТУК можете да намерите всички курсове, които предлага този БЕЗПЛАТЕН портал (по всички предмети).

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